Baked Fiesta Ranch Chicken Tacos

Chicken tacos are the perfect food for when you feel like balancing taste while pretending to eat healthily. After all, chicken is a lean protein, and tacos are basically just vegetables wrapped in a delicious tortilla, right?. But let’s be real: if you’re not careful chicken tacos can end up uninspiring or even downright boring. … Read more

Beef Birria Tacos

These crispy, delectiable, pan-fried tacos are delightful! This Birria Taco recipe, loaded with cheese and shredded beef then dipped in flavorful consom√©, is mind-blowingly good. Each bite is a delicious explosion of earthy and smoky flavors. Birria Tacos consist of beef braised in a bold chili sauce to make them tender. Then they are stuffed … Read more

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

This has become a weekly addition to my “dad breakfast” repertoire (this is where I try to make one breakfast at a minimum once a week to celebrate a meal as a family where mamma didn’t have to lift a finger). 

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Breakfast Pizza

The most filling and delicious breakfast pizza on a traditional crust with red sauce, cheese, tomatoes, green onions and ham. Get creative as you’re crafting your preferred pizza taste combination.

Tlayudas Oaxacan

Tlayudas are an Oaxacan street food similar to a Mexican-style pizza. Built on a crispy tortilla with beans and cheese as well as meat, and a delicious cabbage salad. You can make this lighter, vegan-friendly version by adding healthy vegetables instead of meat. What are Tlayudas? Thayludas (pronounced “tleyoo”-dahs) are Mexican-style pizza. The “sauce” is … Read more

Pickled Red Onions

How to make Pickled Red Onions – This is a quick and simple recipe that you can prepare in just 15 minutes! This recipe will give your favorite dishes a big burst in flavor. It includes a Mexican, Indian, and Nordic version. It can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one month. Pickled … Read more